The Freddy Project

Dr Winfred “Freddy” Tovar loves his mom.


In 2015 this love inspired Freddy to create MIMSI, a non-profit organization working to eradicate maternal mortality in low-resource settings, starting with the villages surrounding his mother’s rural home in Haiti. Today, Freddy continues to organize, fund, and operate monthly prenatal clinics that have served over 3,200 women so far. 

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MIMSI clinics are free to patients. Each month, Dr. Freddy and his team of community health workers travel to fourteen sites serving approximately forty-five villages in order to monitor and record vitals, track fetal development, and administer medication for any STDs or chronic conditions that might complicate a pregnancy. For patients that do experience complications, MIMSI covers hospital fees and transportation costs. Freddy does this work because he believes that every child should experience a mother’s love. It’s through this love, he says, that children may fulfill their potential. 


Between these monthly ten-day clinics in Haiti, Dr. Freddy handles MIMSI’s administration, promotion and fundraising efforts from his apartment in Brooklyn, New York. In his free time, he has earned a second master’s degree in Nonprofit & Fundraising Management from Columbia University and has been working to navigate the surrogacy process so that he can start a family of his own. 


Through it all, Freddy still calls his mom every day.  





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